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Security guard training

Pre-Assignment Training:

At Apollo Protection Agency we have created our own proprietary training course that each officer must pass successfully.  Our training program is a learning and development framework that starts with a solid foundation of pre-assignment security, life safety, concierge and customer service skills delivered in a scenario-based training method via lecture, practical exercise, and role-play. Additional industry-specific training is then provided prior to assignment.

Site Training & Orientation:

Upon assignment, new hires complete a comprehensive on the job curriculum that includes client-specific history, organizational structure, building operations, security philosophy, responsibilities, duties and procedures.

All security officers are taught how to properly write reports. This section of the course teaches security personnel how to answer the six most important questions:

  • Who?

  • What?

  • Where?

  • When?

  • How?

Security officer training

Scope of Work

Monitor overall safety of the location

Report any unusual incidents or hazardous conditions

Patrol and secure all access to the location

Respond to all routine and emergency procedures as directed

Maintain and update the Security Procedures manual, commonly known as "Post Orders"

Monitor and mitigate unruly or unwelcome behavior on the property

Provide information, as directed, to the public and visitors

Enforcement of company policies

Our Goal is to be the premier provider of security service to our valued clients at an affordable cost. To provide an environment of growth and fulfillment for the Security Guard Platform family embedded with ETHICS, INTEGRITY, HONOR, AND LOYALTY with an emphasis on our top priority-customer’s service.​​​
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