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Residential Neighborhood

and Gated Community

A safe community makes for a happy community. You want to keep your residents, their families and their guests safe, and a big part of maintaining their safety and keeping your neighborhood a desirable place to live lies with your residential security officers.

Specialized Training:

At Apollo Protection Agency, we have expertise in providing responsive, residential security officers who truly become part of your community.  We provide specialized security professionals highly trained in the unique needs of residential communities.   Apollo Protection professionals go the extra mile with an ambassador-level approach to customer service that aligns with your communities image and promotes privacy and comfort.

Security Services Can Include:

Access Control

Responding to emergencies involving residents

Welcoming visitors in a highly accessible, friendly manner

Regular patrols of the residential community

Receiving and managing packages

Contacting the authorities when necessary

24/7 security protection, even during holidays

Providing guest services after the main office has closed for the day

Our expertise includes Class A office buildings, data centers, corporate campuses, high tech facilities, office parks, hospitals/healthcare, distribution/logistics centers, manufacturing plants, educational institutions and upscale residential communities.
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